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Maui Room Blocks Services
Based on our understanding of your needs (desired location, experience, amenities, and budget), we will send you a hotel comparison including up to 3 properties that we recommend. The comparison will include a property description and property updates (if applicable), distance from your wedding venue, discounted group rate, and special concessions. Of course, if you already have a property in mind, we are happy to work directly with your preferred hotel. 

As industry experts with many years of room block negotiation experience under our belt, we know how to get you the best value possible. We understand the uniqueness of the island, the highs and lows of the busy convention season, as well as the peak wedding months. Because of our experience in the industry, we know when a 'proposal' is a great value, and when to push for better. We have had success in securing the lowest room rates available and additional perks for wedding couples! A few examples of these perks include, but are not limited to:
-Complimentary or discounted room upgrades and suites
-VIP amenities
-Discounts on mandatory fees (parking, resort fees, etc.)
-Discounts at the hotel's restaurants and spa
-Discounted group rate extension for up to three days before and after the contracted dates
-Loyalty points 

​After your room block is setup, we will monitor your guest's reservations to ensure that you fulfill your contracted commitment. We will keep track of all of the reservations booked under your room block by requesting weekly reports and by staying in constant communication with the hotel to ensure that your numbers are on track. If needed, we will work with the hotel to add additional rooms, or reduce your room block numbers. 
​Our services include research, site selection, contract negotiation and room block management for your group, all at no cost to you! 

We assist with the following services:
1) Site Selection
2) Hotel Contract Negotiation
3) Room Block Management
Site Selection:
Hotel Contract Negotiation:
Room Block Management:
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